Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sketch Cards on eBay!

I've been rescanning and relisting sketch cards on eBay! I lost all my scans a few months back when an external hard drive crashed. It's taken time to rescan all the cards. I still have some to scan. Here are a few of the cards...

If you want to see more, here's a link to my sketch card listings: Korok Studios Sketch Cards

That takes you directly to sketch cards. Just click "View Seller's Auctions" if you want to see the beefcake (nsfw) photos as well. 

Season's Greetings! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Surviving the Season

Well, it's not as bad as all that, but... 

The Post Office is a killer! I have to go to the Post Office on a regular basis to mail out packages. It's a pain, but it has to be done. It's work! With the holiday season, it's a real pain. The branch near me serves several zip codes. It's a large office, but it's not always managed well. With the holidays, they need four or five clerks at all times. Now, they have had four clerks the last few times I've gone, so maybe the manager caught on.

Today's wait was 22 minutes. I've been there for 40, so I can't complain. The line moved steadily too, even with the man ahead of me who was mailing 12 or so boxes, and the other man who had a bag of 20 cards that needed to be weighed individually. When I left, the wait looked like it would be longer than what it was when I got there.

For running errands this morning, I deserve the vegan ginger cookie I got while I was at Whole Foods! Yummy! (No, I'm not vegan, but I'm not afraid of vegan food. Some of it is quite awesome!)

I hope that everyone has a good Holiday season this year, no matter what holiday you do (or do not) celebrate. Smile, and greet people appropriately, and accept the greetings you receive (even if they don't match up to what you celebrate - it's all good!). Love is the reason! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

DJ Kor - Retro-esque 2015 volume 6

My latest dj set...

DJ KOR: Retro-Esque 2015 Volume 6
*Max Mix USA 2 Radio Megamix 
*Over And Over Again (Cahill Club Mix) - Nathan Sykes
*Take My Breath Away (Tony Moran Deluxe Version) - Justin Lanning
*Vocal (Armageddon Turk Tear Gas Mix) - Pet Shop Boys
*Vogue (RKL Remix) - Madonna
*Each Time You Break My Heart (Disconet Remix) - Nick Kamen
*Sweet Home Alabama (Select Mix Remix) - Lynard Skynard
*A Question Of Lust (Flood Remix) - Depeche Mode
*Bad Girls (Mastermix DJ Beats) - Donna Summer
*Evergreen (RWL Remix) - Westlife
*Flamboyant (Tomcraft Extended Mix) - Pet Shop Boys
*Hitchin’ A Ride (PWL Mix) - Sinitta
*I (Friday Night) (DJ Jurgen Extended Version) - Dubstar
*Happy New Year (E39 2K16 Remix) - Ernest Kohl
*Into The Groove (Donny’s Feeling Groovy Mix) - Madonna
*Looking For A New Love 2005 (Craig Christiansen Remix) - Jody Watley 
*Sometimes (Love To Infinity Club Mix) - Erasure
*Steam (P&C No.2 Mix) - East 17
*Roar (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit) - Katy Perry
*One Night In Bangkok (Joel Dickenson Phuket All Remix) - Manila Luzon
*MacArthur Park (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis New Disco Mix) - Tracy Hamlin
*Love Is A Bourgeois Concept (The Penelopes Remix) - Pet Shop Boys
*Wild Thing (Sanny X Remix)  - Tone Loc
*Work Bitch (Matt Nevin Remix) - Britney Spears
*World Domination (Extended Version) - Belle Stars
*We Want Some Pussy (ZandZ Remix) - 2 Live Crew
*Crucified 2013 (Per QX and Sonny Switch Club Mix) - Army Of Lovers
*Kiss Me (The Alias Club Mix) - Olly Murs

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

How To Get Amazon Gift Cards!

There are a lot of online / blog articles about getting gift cards, earning cash, etc... They offer titles like 10 Crazy Ways To Earn Extra Cash to 99 Ways To Earn Free Stuff Online. You get the idea. And there's nothing wrong with any of them. They all have something to offer, and you should check them out. Just don't expect to be able to put every idea to use. Also, some of these articles make it sound like you will earn an easy living this way. No. To do that, you'd have to work more than full time hours doing little things. A lot of the tasks you get rewards for take some time. What you will earn is extra cash here and there. I make using these sites part of my online routine, but I don't devote hours on end to them.

I'm going to give you some info on the four sites I get rewards from most often. 

Now, I love Amazon. It's a great site! I find all kinds of fun stuff there, so gift cards from Amazon are my reward of choice. Most of these sites have rewards from multiple places, so you can get gift cards from anywhere, or in some instances get a cash card to use. Your choice.

Inbox Dollars is a good site. You can be rewarded by clicking on emails, taking advantage of offers, answering surveys, searching online, playing games, etc... I often search online. There is a weekly bonus if you use their search every day. They change up the search rewards, but it's often a penny per search. Sometimes, it's 1 to 4 cents per 4 searches. I also click on the emails and answer the odd survey. You have to earn $30 before you get a reward. I tend to earn this in about 9 months, give or take. The bad: even though I clicked on every email, they took the individual emails from me. I guess because I don't take advantage of offers. Bitter. I still like Inbox Dollars

A similar site is Send Earnings. Works the same, as far as I can tell. I haven't gotten a reward from them yet, but I'm working on it...

MyPoints is the site I've used the longest. They send you emails, in which you click a button and you get a reward. Once you earn enough points, you can cash in for a gift card! On average 1,700-1,800 points gets you a $10 gift card somewhere. Just reading emails, it pays out in about a year. You can also take advantage of offers and online shopping to earn more points, print and use coupons, etc... Check their site when you join and find out what earning opportunities are available.

Finally, InstaGC is a good site. You set your rewards goal and do things like watch videos, answer surveys, do tasks, etc... I have a $5 goal, which is 500 points. How quickly I earn this depends on my motivation. Sometimes I am more motivated than others. I have reached goal within a week however. It's worth checking out.

SuperPoints is the last site I'm gonna talk about. Again, you do things like answer surveys, submit web-sites, check out random sites, and use their Super Lucky Button! I mostly use the Super Lucky Button. I have earned several $1 gift cards from them. I'm sure if I did more activities, I would earn more. It's a good site, and worth checking out.

How much you earn is ultimately up to you. I spend maybe 10 minutes a day on these activities. Sometimes more, but on average, I would say it's 10 minutes.  I recommend doing what appeals to you and have fun with it.

Please click my links when you go to check these sites out. One way to earn is by referring others, and I would appreciate the clicks. 

And, if anyone is feeling generous, I do have an Amazon Wish List! Everything gets reviewed here and a shout out to the giver, as well as a digital goodie or two for the giver. 

I hope you found this article helpful. If you know of a rewards site I haven't mentioned, give them a shout out (with your referral link) in the comments! 

Take Care!

Update: Since I wrote this, I have earned my first $30 reward on SendEarnings! Yay! It's processing now.

Also, I earned a MyPoints reward a couple of weeks ago. I responded to an offer earlier this week, and now I'm close to another reward.... maybe five weeks away if all I do is read emails. Woo hoo!

As I said above, have fun with these sites. View them as a bonus. Don't get down if you're trying to take surveys and you don't qualify. I don't qualify for most of the surveys I try for. Most sites will still reward you something for trying. If it gets frustrating, just move on and come back to it later. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

Feel The NRG 12-2015 dj mix

DJ KOR: Feel The NRG 12-2015
*Cross My Broken Heart (Dave Ford Remix) - Sinitta
*One Night In Bangkok - Robey
*Chains Of Love (Almighty Essential Mix) - Erasure
*Chain Reaction (Almighty Mix) - Steps
*Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) - Jason Prince
*All Through The Night - Novaspace
*Star Wars - Almighty Allstars
*Crazy For You (Saints Original 12” Mix) - Blonde Ambition
*Shake Your Groove Thing (Serious Rope 12”) - Peaches & Herb
*Time After Time (Mike Coppock Mix) - Paul Parker
*You Blow Me Away (12” Vocal) - Paul Lekakis
*Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Matt Pop Club Mix) - B:Linda Project
*It’s My Life (Bishop Audio Radio Mix) - Gigabyte
*Just Dance (Almighty 12” Anthem Mix) - Almighty Cover Girlz
*Chiquitita (Almighty 12” Definitive Mix) - Abbacadabra
*Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Almighty 12” Definitive Mix) - Almighty Showgirls
*I Only Want To Be With You (Almighty Definitive Club Mix) - Obsession
* Colour Blind (Almighty Radio Edit) - Darius
*It’s A Sin (Almighty Boys Club Mix) - Obsession

Letter To The Editor

Today I wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper. I had read an article about a proposed anti-discrimination bill that would protect the LGBT community from being discriminated against in regards to jobs, housing, medical care, etc... Having faced discrimination myself, I am in favor of such a bill. Of course, the usual group of so-called "Christians" want to protect their "God told me to hate you" way of life. Honestly, they are so annoying! Anyway, the letter says it better..


After reading about the meeting for the proposed anti-discrimination bill, I have to say this... I feel sorry for those so-called Christians who use their religion as an excuse to hate and discriminate against others. Carrying around that hatred has got to be a burden. I hope they can set that burden down and focus on something positive, like helping to feed the hungry for example.

Kudos to the religious leaders who believe in equality! I have always felt that religion should be there to help people be the best that they can be! We need more of you to stand up and speak so those who would use religion to foster hate can have a positive example to follow. Don't allow the ones who speak out of hatred or fear be the ones to speak for you.

An anti-discrimination bill should not be about anyone's right to free speech or religion. By the same token, religion has no business dictating the law of our land. Instead of worrying about the things that make us different, why don't we focus on what we have in common? 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

December rush, rush, rush!

I feel like I'm neglecting the blog, but I've been busy, busy, busy! My Thanksgiving went well, and I had fun shopping with my brother and nephew on "Black Friday". I went shopping with my brother again yesterday, to help him finish up some of his holiday shopping. I tried to finish some of mine as well, but that didn't get done until today. I only have one person left to buy for! YAY! I like to get the shopping finished around this time.

eBay has been given me more free listings to use, so I've been busy listing beefcake photos, as well as some comics and sketch cards. The beefcake photos are where I make my most money, so they get priority. I'm of the "if you don't list it you can't sell it" school of thought, so I like to use up as many listings as possible. Need a beefcake fix? Check out  It's NSFW, so fair warning...

I'm also busy pulling holiday decorations out of the storage unit, driving Mom here and there, doing this, doing that, etc... I feel like I barely have time for myself right now, but I do make time in the evenings to chill out and relax. Been watching Jessica Jones on Netflix, which has been enjoyable!

Not much else to report, but I didn't want anyone to feel that I had completely forgotten this blog. Hoping things will calm down soon, and I can report on something fun soon... like a day trip down to St. Augustine or a new recipe. 

Take Care!