Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Korok Studios Beefcake! #2

The second issue of Korok Studios Beefcake! is now available on Amazon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Civil War II and other events

So, another event has ended and another begun...

In the Marvel Comics Universe, we saw a second Civil War erupt, this time between Iron Man and Captain Marvel, and their respective supporters. The cause? A new Inhuman with the ability to predict the future. So, his predictions enabled the heroes to save some lives. Captain Marvel wanted to use his powers to stop crimes and life threatening events before they happened. Iron Man just wants to allow the future to unfold. 

Now, Captain Marvel's idea seems reasonable. Except, some of the predictions are wrong, but the Captain keeps going anyway. Do you see the dangers here? The idea of arresting someone before they commit a crime is wrong. But, ignoring warnings of global catastrophe is just as wrong too. 

Now, the story was written well and the art was fine. I can't help feeling that this was a creative stretch. Of course, Civil War II wasn't over before Inhumans Vs. X-Men gets going. Really? In all honesty, it seems to me that elements from both events could have been combined, and would have made for a better story. Dare I say that with some planning, it could have been a most excellent read! Instead, we get two mediocre events. CW2 was an okay read and IvX is just boring so far.

This is a problem with the current Marvel Universe. Too many events. They lose their impact. They become boring. And Marvel often fails to explore a new status quo left behind by an event before launching into the next. And every event has to change things, be shocking, etc... Why can't we get an event where a group of heroes from different teams get together to take on a group of villains, and the worst consequence is that someone gets bruised up a bit? In other words, just a good adventure without it having to have "lasting" consequences, etc... 

DC isn't too much better. They don't quite have the on-going event mindset that Marvel has right now, but DC still produces their fair share of events, big and small, during the course of a year. Both companies should dial it back a bit. In fact, take a year off! Give your fans a break. Let them enjoy the rhythm of their regular books for a bit before you interrupt it all with another event.

I do like events. I was a teen-ager when Marvel's Secret Wars (the original!) and DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths (the best ever!) came out. They were exciting! Now, events have become such a regular thing that the fans don't care that much anymore. 

Well, that's it for my opinions on the subject of comic book events. I like some, and I'm bored by others. Comment and let me know what some of your favorites have been.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Year, New You, New Everything!

A belated Happy New Year! & Happy 2017! to all my readers!

I've been meaning to post for several days now, and to be honest, my motivation just hasn't been there. Once the hoopla of Christmas, and the work of cooking the Big Meal was done, my get up and go got up and went! The Holiday season usually hits me hard where depression is concerned, and this year has been no different. I allowed myself some time off, but I don't want that to stretch on forever, so it's time to get myself going! 

A new year always brings new possibilities. I have decided that in the New Year, I will put principles set forth in Chris Hardwick's book, The Nerdist Way, into practice. I have projects to work on and complete this year.

Now, I don't really believe in making resolutions. Too much pressure. But, I do have a "to do" list for the coming year. It includes:

*Create something every day! It can just be a quick pencil sketch, but I need to draw or otherwise work on some art in some form every day.

*Write more! I have stories I want to tell, and in today's world, I don't really have to worry about submitting to a publisher and being rejected. Too much anxiety. I can just write, edit, and self-publish online. 

*Finish a comic and get more going and published! Again, I can self-publish... I've dragged my feet too long on this one. This is a depression issue, I know. Fear of success is as daunting as fear of failure, so you end up paralyzed into doing nothing.

*Lose some weight! I'm heavier than I'm comfortable with at this point. I don't really care about how the weight looks on me, but I do care about the potential health issues. My short term goal is to get myself out walking for 30 minutes, 3 times a week - even if I have to work up to it! Then, to increase frequency and how long I walk. I'm also going to work on making dietary changes. Walking will also help me with my depression issues.

*Keep working on surviving day to day with depression. It's a battle, and there's more to it than just feeling "sad". It affects sleep, memory, ability, etc... You KNOW you should be doing this thing or that, but you end up doing nothing. And trying to work on it can make it worse. The depression does not want to let go of you. I do my best with it, and it's a constant battle. I'm hoping that the first item on this list will help give some structure to my battle.

That's all I have to say for now. Life goes on, and I've got to get on with it! 

Take Care, and remember to be good to yourself as well as others!