Friday, December 4, 2015

Letter To The Editor

Today I wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper. I had read an article about a proposed anti-discrimination bill that would protect the LGBT community from being discriminated against in regards to jobs, housing, medical care, etc... Having faced discrimination myself, I am in favor of such a bill. Of course, the usual group of so-called "Christians" want to protect their "God told me to hate you" way of life. Honestly, they are so annoying! Anyway, the letter says it better..


After reading about the meeting for the proposed anti-discrimination bill, I have to say this... I feel sorry for those so-called Christians who use their religion as an excuse to hate and discriminate against others. Carrying around that hatred has got to be a burden. I hope they can set that burden down and focus on something positive, like helping to feed the hungry for example.

Kudos to the religious leaders who believe in equality! I have always felt that religion should be there to help people be the best that they can be! We need more of you to stand up and speak so those who would use religion to foster hate can have a positive example to follow. Don't allow the ones who speak out of hatred or fear be the ones to speak for you.

An anti-discrimination bill should not be about anyone's right to free speech or religion. By the same token, religion has no business dictating the law of our land. Instead of worrying about the things that make us different, why don't we focus on what we have in common? 

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