Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jax Pagan Pride

I went to the Jax Pagan Pride event, held at the Riverside Arts Market. Decent turnout (though, I'll admit, that I expected more people). I took a bunch of photos at the river, as you see. There was some nice jewelry and art, one dealer had some neat looking tarot decks. It was kind of rainy too, but fortunately, the event is sheltered.


Saturday, September 14, 2019

Empanada Llama Grand Opening, Galaxy's Edge, and other stuff!

Back from Empanada Llama's Grand Opening! Yum! It was crowded, but not overly so. They had a llama outside - sorry, I failed to get his/her pic. I got lucky and was order #4! I got a combo with an Aji De Gallina (chicken) and Choclo Con Queso (corn & cheese) empanadas, sweet potato fries, an Inca Kola, and a Banana Nutella Empanada! Everything was delicious. I will say that I wish I had gotten a sauce - the Choclo Con Queso needed it, though I thought it was delicious and finished it all. I liked the Aji De Gallina a LOT, and I was super-impressed that my fries were crispy! That does not always happen with sweet potato fries. The Banana Nutella Empanada was Heaven! I was full at that point, but I took one for the team and ate it all! I even liked the Inca Kola. It was fruity and refreshing, and I'll order it again. I will definitely return for more!


I turned 50 a few weeks ago. I don't really feel any different, except for some reason I've been angry quite a bit. It's usually over things that happened long ago and that I can do nothing about. I do let the feeling of anger flow through me, and then let it go, so I'm not quivering with anger all day long. I'm even trying to use it as impetus to do and change the things I want.

For my birthday, I went down to Disney World for a couple of days. It was a solo trip, and I had a good time. My timing was good as Star Wars Galaxy's Edge opened, as well as Epcot's Food & Wine Festival. Yay! I drove down on Tuesday. After checking in to the hotel (Disney's All-Star Music resort), I took a bus over to Disney Springs. There, I found Chicken Guy! YUM! That was a good chicken sandwich! I also got to explore Disney Springs, which I haven't gotten to do since it was Downtown Disney.

Wednesday morning, I got up and headed out for the Magic Kingdom (after getting a smoothie at the hotel food court). I took a turn around MK, going on my favourite rides, and even (finally) going on the Winnie The Pooh ride that opened a few years back. From there, I left for Epcot, taking the monorail. Since I've been staying at Disney resorts on my last few visits, I haven't been on the monorail in years. It was nice. I had lunch at Epcot, and took my time going through the park. I saw all the stands for the festival being set up, so I knew I'd head back on Thursday. When I was too tired to keep on going, I headed back for the hotel.

Thursday morning, I woke up just after 6am (normal time for me) and turned on the Disney info channel on tv. Hollywood Studios opened at 6am that day. I got dressed, taking my time, and headed out to the bus and Hollywood Studios. I got there around 7ish, and took my time walking around. I got in the digital queue for Galaxy's Edge around 8. I continued to tour the park. In Toy Story land, I rode the slinky dog coaster there - that was FUN! I took in a short feature about Walt Disney. I shopped, adding two Star Wars shirts to my collection. A little after 10, it was time for my group to be allowed in to Galaxy's Edge. I loved it! Now, I'll say upfront - I did NOT go into any of the shops or try to get on the ride. The lines were too long for me. I walked through, and took a lot of photos. I even traded photo taking with a couple of people.

 I was done around lunch time, and I headed back to the hotel. I ate light, cleaned up, had a nap, and headed back to Epcot about mid-afternoon. I repeated some of the rides I had been on, but my main goal was the food! I was not disappointed. Even my least-favourite thing was delicious! I had butternut squash stuffed ravioli, marinated Shrimp (Australia), cheese bread (Argentina?), Teriyaki Chicken bun (Japan), red curry (India) and a mango lassi (India). Once I was done with India, I was done. The heat, and the little bit of dairy I had killed what appetite was left. But, I had some very good offerings, and I enjoyed myself. I took my time walking around, so I wasn't just having this all at once. I avoided a few things that looked good, because heat, dairy, and Korey don't mix well. I missed out on a couple of items I would have liked because I had just had enough food. I didn't want to make myself sick. 

Friday morning, early, I was in the car and headed for home. It was a good, if tiring trip. Of course, when I got home, it was time to prep for Hurricane Dorian. We really weren't affected by the hurricane, with the exception of a big tree limb fell in the back yard the day after. The tree limb did not damage anything.

It's been back to the grind for me. I finished up a large art card commission, and I'm currently working on a second large commission (almost finished!). I've got some writing I want to do, and some art projects lined up. I'll work on keeping this blog updated.

BTW: I updated the It's Korey's World Calendar for 2020! Check it out here: I will be updating the other calendars in my Lulu store, as well as adding one or two new ones.

Take Care!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

GalaxyCon, upcoming 50th birthday, and other stuff

I went to GalaxyCon! Woo hoo!

My nephew and I drove up to see my niece and sister-in-law. So, to give you info, I have two older brothers. My older brother lives in town, and is the father  of my nephew. My oldest brother passed away five years ago. He and his wife had settled in NC, which is where she grew up. My niece is their daughter. 

Last year, my nephew and I went up, and took them to a small comics/collectibles show. She seemed to enjoy it. She's 10 now. At the beginning of the year, I bought the tickets for all of us to go to GalaxyCon. A few weeks after that, I won passes for GalaxyCon and a meet & greet with comedian Jonah Ray. I had two extra tickets, and Gary from my APA (amateur press association) wanted them.
My nephew and I drove up on Friday, 26 July. We had a good visit with Donna and my niece Friday afternoon and evening. Saturday morning, we headed out for the convention. Parking was easy to find, and I loved that we were a block away. (At MegaCon in Orlando, even though I might be parked next to the building, I still have to walk about a mile to enter!) We met Gary and his husband Will out front. Introductions were made and we all visited a bit before heading in to pick up our tickets. This was my first time meeting Gary and Will. They are both awesome, and I'm happy that we got to meet up! Getting tickets was easy. We did have to wait a bit before heading in though.


Now, while we tried at first to stick with Gary and Will, people do look around at different paces, and have different goals. We got separated, but ran into each other off and on during the show. While the four of us were in the Artist Alley area, I decided to peel off and do my meet up with Jonah Ray. I had chosen to get a table photo instead of the pro shoot, and I think I got a better photo! I enjoyed meeting Jonah. I'm a BIG MST3K fan, and I really like him on the show. I first became aware of him from @Midnight. We conversed for a few minutes, I got a signed photo, and then I headed back to the family.

We took a break at lunch time, and got a snack. The ladies were kind of tired of looking around, so my nephew and I soldiered on. My niece and sister-in-law enjoyed seeing all the cosplayers while they waited, and my niece is already planning a costume for next year. I know she asked a few questions of some of the cosplayers we met up with. My nephew and I didn't take long, and Donna and I texted a couple of times to 1) make sure we could text and 2) to just check in. I had some good finds, including a lot of bronze age books for $2 each! 


Once we were ready to go, we met up with Gary & Will again. We visited for another 10-15 minutes, and then we were heading out. We left the convention center and hit the Chinese buffet. This is a tradition with my nephew and I, and I'm glad to pass it on with my niece. 

In all, we had a good time and a great visit! My nephew and I headed home Sunday morning.


My 50th birthday is coming up this month. I turn 50 on the 26th! To celebrate, I will head down to DisneyWorld for a solo trip. I'll be there for a couple of days. While I didn't plan it while booking the trip, I will end up being there for the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. I will also be celebrating my 50th with my family and best friend. 

I'm also doing the stay-cation thing this month, in celebration of my birthday. I tend to do this every August. I don't stop working altogether, but do try to keep work to a minimum. I do have some projects to get done for buyers, and I will continue to list some on eBay and eBid. If nothing else, I have to use my monthly allotments of listings on eBay! 


On a sour note, I've been having trouble with Shutterfly. This is the secondary photo lab that I use. After 10+ years of doing business with them, I got locked out of my account. The reason? I was in chat with customer service over a pair of coupon codes that weren't working right for me. The second agent I chatted with, Shanisha (I think that was her name - I do have it in email!) decided that she didn't like my content and locked me out of my account. When I emailed to get a new password, she was also the agent who reviewed it and said no. I have emailed again, and requested that anyone but her review the account. 

Now, I do have some NSFW material in my account. I've never seen anything saying that they won't print it. And, after 10+ years, you would think that someone would have said something. Even so, I've worked for several photo labs in the past. The first thing they drill into you is that the customer's content is None Of Your Business! So, this whole thing feels like discrimination to me. I can't prove that, but often if a man has photos of naked men, suddenly it's against the rules! I'll bet I wouldn't even be writing this if it were photos of naked women.


Well, that's all I have for you at the moment. I will try to keep this updated better. If nothing else, I'll post after my Disney trip! Take Care!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Awakening In A Box

Got my first Awakening In A Box today. Yes, it's another subscription box trial. Inside was: a rose quartz generator, a sage bundle, a beautiful art card, 'The Little Book Of Inner Peace' by Ashley Davis Bush, and the Peace Oracle deck, which I'm looking forward to checking out. A neat little package. I have been feeling Very Stressed today, and I like that the theme of this box is Inner Peace.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Walking again

After I came home from MegaCon, I decided that it was time to get serious about walking again. Last week, I set a goal and met it. I walked 3 times, and worked in the yard once (which I count as walk #4). This week, my goal is to walk every day, and the odds have been against me!

On Sunday, I was halfway through my walk, on a loop that I had to complete no matter what, when my right shoe started coming apart. Argh! About 10 minutes later, the sole came completely off. Fortunately, I was less than 10 minutes away from home at the point. I threw the shoes out when I got home. Monday, I bought new shoes. However, it was 100 degrees out, which is a record breaker for this time of year. Where I live, there's a main road with lots of streets off that road. I decided to walk the side streets for my walk, which works out. I'll repeat that today, as it's going to be 100 degrees again. I feel that if I start feeling the heat, walking side streets makes it easy to break off and head home. I've been walking afternoons, and after today, I'm going to shoot for morning walks.

Over the weekend, I had weighed in at 254. This morning I weighed 251. Not a big loss, and I won't count it as one until I weigh in again next week. I try to only weigh myself once or twice a week. Weight can go up and down on a daily basis, so I don't want to worry about the daily weight. I also don't really count weight as lost until it stays at the number (or lower) for two weeks. 

I've been wanting to make changes this year, and got off-track early on this year. I deal with depression, and that didn't help me with getting back on track. I turn 50 in late August, so I'd like to have some of those changes going for me. Walking regularly is a good beginning. I need to deep clean my personal space next, and will work on that. I also want to work on my daily work & creative schedule. These things take time, and I don't want to rush in all at once. Some of what I want, I do need to research some before working on the change. I'll get there, bit by bit.

On a positive note, I had the money to schedule a mini-trip to Disney World for my birthday. I'll be down there for three nights and two days. I'm looking forward to it. I'll be on my own, and it's been a while since I've been to Disney on my own.

Anyway, that's it for the time being. If you haven't done so, please vote for my new t-shirt design "Proud To Be Me" (see previous post). It would really help me out. Have a Groovy Week!

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Proud To Be Me *Updated*

My latest design, Proud To Be Me, is no longer up for voting. While it got the most votes I think I've gotten for a shirt, 38, it only got a median score. 😑 

Fear not! You can get this shirt if you want one! It is available on Etsy:

The shirt (and other products) are also available via Redbubble and Society6. Be sure to check them out, and remember that your purchase helps an independent artist continue to create. 

Monday, May 20, 2019

MegaCon 2019

I went to MegaCon this past weekend. My nephew and I drove down on Saturday. We only go for one day, and we had a good time.

I had a good visit with my friend Cory Laub, who I only see in person at MegaCon (we keep in touch during the year). He also gave me a cool Riddler sketch card, which is pictured below with two prints I picked up. I had a photo op with David Tennant. I bought a cool dinosaur print. Got some comics and graphic novels as well.

As usual, it was over-crowded. While I'm happy to see that it has exploded, and that so many people want to attend, I also miss the days when it wasn't as large. I'm not a crowd person, so it wears on me. I was pleased to see a few more comic dealers this year than last. The crowd makes it difficult to look at times though.

Afterwards, we hit a Chinese buffet for late lunch / early dinner, and then drove home. It was a good day!

Our next show will be the Raleigh Super Con, in July. My niece and sister (in law) live up that way, so we're taking them to the show. We took my niece to her first comic (and cards) show last summer, so I think it will become a new tradition.

In August, I'll be flying solo at Disney for my 50th birthday. I'm looking forward to that. I'll only be there for a couple of days, but it'll be fun. I've done WDW as a solo day trip plenty of times, but this will be my first time with a multi-day solo trip. I wanted to do something fun for my 50th, and thought this would be great as I love going down there. 

That's all for now... Back to work...