Thursday, July 20, 2017


...or something like that!

With August coming up, I've decided to take a bit of a holiday. Don't worry, I'll be around to fill orders and answer questions. I will be taking a break from listing on eBid for August. I will continue to list on eBay, but mainly because I have limited listings there.

Why am I taking a break? Well... the past couple of months have been rough, dealing with my Dad's medical problems (he's doing better now!). Taking care of elderly parents is not always easy or fun. I am generally driving one or the other somewhere on any given day, running errands for 3, running the house, etc... It's tiring. That means that work (ebay, ebid, etc...) has been on auto-pilot for me.

Now, maybe that's not a horrible thing, but I haven't been doing much creatively. There have been NO new models (or old ones) to work with this year! I've been trying, but can't get anything sorted. Dad's illness didn't help matters. I've taken very few photos in general this year. I've also been too run down (tired) to do much in other areas. I've produced some sketch cards, and written a little, but nothing like what I should be doing. So, part of August is going to be dedicated to getting back on track creatively.

I am also going to work on finding new revenue streams in August. With sales declining, I have to find ways to survive. August sales will determine the future of my eBay store. In the future, I will mainly list 4x6 photos on eBid. Sales-wise, I've been in tight spots before. I understand it's a cycle of highs and lows. That doesn't mean I should just wait it out. I've run sales, but that's not helping anymore. I may have to find new ways to make product available, and I'm open to suggestions.

As always, please visit the links below. I'm a solitary artist/photographer, and not a big business, so if you like what I do, please consider supporting me. And, if not me, please lend your support to other artists and photographers out there who are working on their own. Nothing against the big guns, but often the "little guy" is producing worthwhile work!

Take Care! Have a Groovy Summer!


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