Thursday, February 2, 2017

Change... in-the-works

So, I wrote in an earlier post that I'm wanting to make changes, and while I haven't made too much progress, I'm working at it. That said, I know I can work harder. Sad to say, I've fallen into a routine of reading in the afternoons. Now, in general, reading is a good thing. But I seem to be using it to escape making changes, so I gotta change the script on that one.

I have been doing some writing! I'm about halfway finished with a short story featuring some of my super-heroes. Once the draft is finished, I'll edit and rewrite, and then I'll slap it up on Amazon for everyone to read! Woo woo!

I've been working on reducing my soda consumption from 2 a day to 1 a day. I hate to admit it, I love drinking Coke. Part of me misses the days when I would drink 5 or 6 in a day. I stopped that several years ago, and worked my way back to 2 a day. My goal for Feb is to have 1 a day, and then my goal for March is to go without soda for the month. The idea is to have just a few each week. It should be a treat (like it was when I was a kid) and not a regular thing.

I haven't been walking yet. I was "busy" reading, so I didn't make myself walk. I also haven't been drawing like I want to, but I've been doing some art. Again, I just have to work at making both walking and drawing a regular habit.

I have been listing photos (beefcake) & sketch cards (comics) on eBay:  and listing photos on eBid:

For those who are interested, my photos are beefcake, inspired by the old photos of the 1950's & 1960's. Now, while I've worked with plenty of muscular men, not all my models fit the so-called ideal of masculine beauty. I think all types of men are beautiful, sexy, erotic, and interesting to look at, so there ends up being something for everyone in my work.

I have been hoping to change some things up creatively. The beefcake photos have been my biggest money maker, artistically. But I do realize it's a niche market. I mostly sell prints. I'm trying to adapt to the modern age, and have my photo zines available for the Kindle. I also have comic art available on eBay, as t-shirts on a variety of sites, and abstract works available on Etsy (as well as jewelry), and on a variety of sites. Check the links to the right if you're interested. Even if you can't buy, I'd appreciate it if you can share a link or two. Thanks for looking and sharing.

 I suppose that's all for now. I'll keep plugging away at making changes. I have goals that I want to meet this year, so I will keep working towards them. Sometimes, all you can do is make small changes and keep making those changes. Eventually the small changes become larger and before you know it, things are different.

Take Care! Be good to yourselves and to one another!

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