Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cupcakes and a new digital abstract!

So, in my recent adventures in eating... Yesterday I decided I would go out for lunch. My original intent was to hunt down a food truck that I like! I had the directions for where to go, but the office park they were in yesterday was a bit of a maze and confusing to me. I eventually gave up because I was getting to a point where I needed to eat. I was close to the Avenues Mall, so I headed there.

At the mall, I got lunch from Ruby Thai!

Like most foot court Asian places, Ruby Thai is cafeteria style, and you can get combos based on how many dishes you choose from. I got the 2-dish combo... electing to get Mango Chicken and Spicy Grilled Chicken. I also got them with curried rice noodles. The rice noodles have a nice flavor on the their own. The Spicy Grilled Chicken lived up to it's name - it was spicy! I normally only like spice for flavor, and not for heat. This was borderline for me. That said, it tasted good and I ate it all. The Mango Chicken is fried chicken bits tossed in a sweet & spicy mango sauce. The spice levels on this is very mild, and I enjoyed it a lot!

So, the title of this is "Cupcakes". I bought a Groupon a few weeks back for Cupcake Fifty Etc, which is located in a kiosk near the food court at the Avenues Mall (in front of Dillard's). By spending a few extra dollars, I got three cupcakes... Raspberry White Chocolate, Butterfinger, and Key Lime Strawberry. I took them home to have as treats for later.

So, I tried the Key Lime Strawberry cake first. Now, to explain, they have a Dollar Deals shelf, which is where this came from. Since it's a kiosk, obviously the cupcakes have to be transported there instead of coming direct from the kitchen. Some get "damaged" in transport. It's merely cosmetic. It's still gonna taste good! And it did! I liked this flavor. If I'm not mistaken, the frosting was cream cheese based with swirls of strawberry. As you can see, the cake (which was light and tender) was a swirl of key lime and strawberry flavors. Now, while I enjoyed this cake, I did feel they could bump up both flavors a little. I appreciate not being knocked upside the head with an overwhelming tart lime flavor, but would have liked it a little stronger. That said, I enjoyed this cake.

The second cake I had was the Butterfinger cupcake! This tasted like a vanilla cake and buttercream icing with crushed Butterfinger candy swirled in. It was yummy! Again, the cake was tender and light. The icing was smooth, and I loved getting little bits of candy when I ate it. Well done! I haven't eaten my third cupcake yet.... it's today's treat! Based on these two, I'm confident it will be delicious.

I want to give Cupcake Fifty Etc props on two things! 1) The cupcakes are moist! I have had plenty of dry cupcakes. As I stated above, these were tender and moist. 2) The icing was great! It was smooth and tasted good! I've been to several bakeries and cupcake shops in the past where the icing was gritty... as in, they used the wrong sugar to make it.  I give Cupcake Fifty Etc and A+! Check them out the next time you're at the Avenues Mall, or visit them on Facebook:
On to the art section... I created a new digital abstract, August Green. Check it out at: 


Take Care everyone! Have a Groovy Day!

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