Saturday, June 11, 2016

Peterbrooke Chocolatier re-opening in Mandarin

Today, 11 June, is the Grand Opening Party for Peterbrooke Chocolatier in Mandarin! They've moved their location to the Publix shopping center on San Jose Blvd and Mandarin Road.

I arrived around noon to check out the new location. The outside was decorated with an arch of balloons, and the store was buzzing! While it wasn't crowded, the store was not empty either. They had a face painting station set up for the kids, and all the yummy treats out on display! In addition to fine chocolate, you can get ice cream and baked treats. A greeter was handing out bags with Peterbrooke's signature chocolate popcorn - a yummy treat that they are well known for!

Peterbrooke has been in Jacksonville since 1983, according to their web-site. I remember their location in the San Marco shopping center when I would go there as a teen-ager. There was a used bookstore that I bought comics from, so whenever I was at Grandma's house, I walked up to San Marco. I often got some chocolate from Peterbrooke, and I remember one of the co-owners liked comics, and he was always nice to me.

So, today, I picked up a couple of treats as well as my popcorn. I got a milk chocolate bar, which has to be my favourite treat from Peterbrooke. I also decided to try one of their pecan pie bars. YUM! I love pecan pie, so this was a no-brainer for me to get! The crust has a good snap to it, and the bar is sweet and gooey, just like your best pecan pie recipe! I will be returning for this treat again! Sadly, my budget was limited so those were the only treats I got today.

Peterbrooke has locations all over Jacksonville, as well as Orlando, Tallahasse, Atlanta and other cities. Check out their site at for locations, and more info about the shop and what they have to offer.

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