Thursday, April 28, 2016

Missing In Action? No, just depressed....

So, I really have posted much here lately. To be honest, I've been very uninspired lately. I recently realized that I'm really depressed. Yesterday, while thinking about what I wanted to say here, I even figured out the trigger for this depression episode. >sigh< Well, I can say that I'm working through it. I've even been more physically active lately. I'm doing yardwork, as well as walking. Exercise is good for fighting depression. Even if all you can do is walk around your house for 10 minutes, it can help! 

Another part of this depression revolves around my internet sales. eBay sales to be honest. They've been down, which does happen at this time of year. As a photographer, I've earned my coin by selling prints as collectibles. In this digital world, who is still collecting prints/physical items? And how do I reach my audience?

Like many artists, marketing is not a strength of mine. I just don't know what to do with it. I've used Fiverr to try and get some help. I can get eyes on this blog, but no subscribers. It seems like I can get some traffic to sale sites, but not sales.

As an artist, I have a variety of interests. I'm not focused on any one thing. This can be a hurdle, but I'd rather produce pieces that I like and that interest me over just producing one type of piece in order to make sales. Maybe I should find a balance.

In my email group, I asked for some help. I'll ask here too... 

1) Does anyone know of any affordable web hosts where I can post my photos for sale without worrying that the "beefcake" content will be too "adult" for the server?

2) While I have the digital Sans Shirt series available for the Amazon Kindle, what kind of digital product would you like to see me produce? It can be anything from my comic art to beefcake photos to digital abstracts, etc...

3) This final one is a favor to ask. Please click on a link, find a product you like, and share it through social media. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, etc... And not just for me - do this for other artists as well. Even if you can't afford to buy, maybe one of your contacts will. Share something every day. It would help all of little guys.

4) Also, I encourage you to share your stories in the comments... outside of therapy and prescriptions, how do you manage your depression? 

I manage depression in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's with distraction. Sometimes I have to just stop what I'm doing, grab a book and read for awhile to escape. I'm getting back in the habit of walking, and have been doing yardwork (even when I don't feel like it). I'm also able to just sit and work. It may only be tedious things like scanning or uploading to deviantArt, but I can make myself do it.

To end this on a positive note, I did a drawing the other day of public domain hero, Silver Streak. It was an experiment in loosing up my style a bit, both with the pencil and ink work. Gonna do some more like this. I penciled a second one this morning (Polka-Dot Pirate this time). 

Take Care everyone! I will have another post this weekend as the Shrimp Festival looms large on my calendar! Woo hoo! Get out and do something fun!

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