Saturday, March 12, 2016

MORE Action Figures... including Monkees! Other updates...

My big score seems to be the Monkees action figures I got recently! They're gorgeous! Figures Toy Company offers three sets, and I chose the ones with the four button shirts. I'm hoping to get the Monkeeman and Tuxedo sets as well.

Also from FTC, is Mary Marvel! She's gorgeous, and I'm so pleased to finally have a Mary Marvel (re)Mego! I hope they continue to do more members of the Marvel Family! Shazam!

I also got the Super Friends: Samurai figure. He looks great, tho the head is loose on mine. C'est la vie. He's still awesome!

From DC Direct, I have the New52 version of Captain Cold. Loving Captain Cold on Legends Of Tomorrow, so I decided to get this figure. Cold has been one of my favourite Flash villains.

Sadly, my action figure collecting will be slowing down. My car needed over $1,000 in repairs this past week! It went in twice! Oy vey! I had help, but it still hurts. I have to pay that back. On top of that, I also have to find money to set aside for MegaCon in late May. I'm going to that with my nephew. And then, also need money to keep things going like art, photography, writing... Oh, the joys of being a freelancer! I had just begun rebuilding my savings from replacing my computer in January when this happened. 

If you're feeling generous and would like to help me keep things going, you can PayPal me here:

You can also help by buying something from one of my links to the right. eBay has beefcake photos. Society6 has a variety of art on a variety of products. Comic book art is at Zazzle, again on a variety of products. Take you pick from the sites as there are a lot of options! I have purchased from every site I sell on, and the merchandise is outstanding!

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