Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pretty On The Outside

Pretty On The Outside is the wonder-full new book of poetry by Drew Hoffman. 

In his words: "Pretty On The Outside" is based primarily on the author's personal experiences, detailing the beginning and end of a relationship. Some of the included poems are also inspired by works of art, chiefly those painted by the legendary artist Frida Kahlo." 

I cannot properly express how moving Drew's poetry is. I've known Drew for many years now (longer than either of us care to count), and his ability with words always leaves me breathless. Go to Amazon right now and get yourself a copy of this book! (The digital version is still free as of this writing!)

I leave you with the title poem from the book...

Pretty On The Outside

The Daphne is a plant
Whose flowers are often an inviting pink,
The color of love,
The color of serenity,
The color of peace,
The first blush of spring upon a maiden's cheek
As she catches the eye
Of a handsome passer-by
If eaten, it can cause death--
Like so many things
like you and I
It is pretty on the outside. 

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