Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday...

Thanksgiving is on the horizon! Woo hoo! I've been getting ready. My sister-in-law and niece are coming to town to visit, so I'm busy cleaning house. I still have to get a few things at the grocery store as well. I pretty much have cooking the meal well in hand. My brother will help with prep work, and it's basically do a little something, go away for a while, come back and do some more, etc... We eat our meal at dinner time, so we have all day to cook. I feel that instead of trying to get it all done at once, it's easier to just take our time, and take breaks! We serve turkey, dressing, gravy, rice, corn, beans, candied sweet potatoes, baked apples, and cranberry sauce. For dessert there will be pumpkin, pecan, and frosted cherry pies. I usually get the pecan pies baked the day before, and pies are the first thing I work on in the morning!

Of course, following Thanksgiving is "Black Friday". I just love how the name that retailers gave that day leaked out to the public. Sadly, so many stores open on Thanksgiving now. I don't approve, but understand that if you've got kids, you likely have to go out and get those deals. I have most of my holiday shopping done by Thanksgiving, so for me, Black Friday is mostly to find stuff like dvd's. My brother and I started going each year, and have been doing so for quite some time. 

Need some unique Holiday gift ideas? You know I gotta plug my art! Original art can be a fun gift, as well as beaded jewelry. You will find both at my Etsy store:

Looking for things like t-shirts? Or coffee mugs? You can get my art on lots of cool items in my Zazzle, Society6, and Red Bubble stores. And you get more choices of designs, from comic book heroes to digitally altered photos & paintings, to just about anything my fevered brain comes up with!

I also have sketch cards & beefcake photos in my eBay store! Warning: my eBay store isn't for everyone's taste. The store is divided into sections, so if you only want to look at sketch cards, or comic books, you have that option. BTW: beefcake fans, I will have a Black Friday sale for photos!

I hope that everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! Take Care! 

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