Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Chicken Salad Chick

Today I got lunch at Chicken Salad Chick!

I had heard about it, and read a good review in the paper, and wanted to try it out. I was out that way, so I decided to stop in and get some take out! Nice restaurant... I liked the atmosphere. I ordered take out, but will likely go back to dine in. I was greeted, and the server who took my order was very friendly. Since it was my first time, he recommended that I try to sample, which is three different salads of your choice. I took him up on it. I got the original, Mimi's Mix, and Barbeque. After a very short wait (like 2 minutes), I got my food and headed for home.

Now, I know I was a bad blogger today. I got home and instead of taking a picture first, I just dove into my food. What can I say... I was hungry and it looked good! All three chicken salads were awesome! I really enjoyed them all. The barbeque had a nice smoky flavor that enhanced the salad without overpowering it. Mimi's Mix has cashews and apples mixed into the salad. The pops of sweetness and texture of the cashews made for a great salad! This platter came with wheat crackers, and I used them all to eat my chicken salads! It was a lot of food too! I actually have enough left to have for dinner!

Check them out... Go to their web-site to find a location near you. They have locations all over the South! It's worth it to go! Lots of choices of chicken salad, and if that's not your thing, they have some deli sandwiches as well. 

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  1. Southern restaurant critic as well! I hope you posted a rave on their web page if they have one. I'll demand they expand to the Midwest based on your endorsement. I would love it if you became their spokesman!