Saturday, September 19, 2015

Atomic Thunderbolt Custom Retro Action Figure!

**FINALLY** I have finished my first custom "Mego"! ATOMIC THUNDERBOLT! Now, he's not perfect! My sewing needs work (more practice), but for my fourth time sewing the costume, and the first time sewing this particular pattern, I'm happy. I forgot to get gloves for him, and didn't want to do the classic "oven mitt" type gloves that Mego's had. I learned a lot working on this figure... and will apply that to my next figure! 

For those who don't know, Mego figures were produced in the 1970's by Mego. They had the license for DC, Marvel, and other properties. The figures were about 7 or 8 inches tall, and had cloth costumes. I had so many of them, and not a one survived my childhood. In the late 1990's, Marvel did a Mego-esque figure in their Famous Covers line. These figures were slightly larger, and they did a fine job on them. DC produced some retro figures around these time, but only a handful. A few years ago, Mattel produced several DC Mego-esque figures, both reproductions and new figures. Around 2000, AC Comics did a few Mego-esque figures. Now, Figures Toy Company has the DC license, and they are doing a spectacular job! 

I have long wanted to throw my hat into the ring of creating custom Mego-like figures. I have seen so many amazing figures online! I found a character, from the 1940's, who I thought I could do a decent job with, and went for it. I found a head sculpt that I hand-painted for the figure. Then I went to work on sewing the costume. The first three attempts looked like crap! I know there are flaws in what I finally did, but these were worse. I switched out patterns, and went to work. I have double stitched, and worked hard to get it right. I know there are flaws... a seam that's wandering, and a few places where I could have stitched it better. To be honest, the head sits precariously on this figure... I still need to whittle down the neck a bit to get it to fit better. Or super-glue it! I just got to a point of "it's done!" 

So, this is my first custom figure, but I don't plan on it being my last. Even with frustrations, I enjoyed working on it, and I like the idea of bringing to action figure life characters who might never get figures otherwise. I have ideas for my next two figures, so once I get supplies, I'll get started on them...

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