Saturday, August 22, 2015

t-shirts, action figures, and birthday freebies...

So, today I'm wearing a new t-shirt... it's one of my designs: Bokeh 7518. The shirt is an all-over design, and it turned out really well. I'm very pleased with it. As the site warned, there are a couple of flaws (due to the printing process) around the arms. Not a biggie. I think they kind of blend into this design.

I had lunch today with my friend Susan. With my birthday coming up, I decided to use some of my birthday freebies. We ate at Golden Corral and I had a coupon for a free buffet. Yummy lunch! We both like Golden Corral, and it's become our "go to" place since our favourite buffet closed down last year.

Afterwards, I went to Mythical Mountain and picked up an action figure - Earth 2 Wonder Woman. This is a nice little comic and toy shop, and it's not too far from me. I had a nice chat with the owner while I was there. I don't pick up too many new comics these days, but I plan to head back for more toys!

Lastly, I went to Krispy Kreme to use another birthday freebie... coupon for a free doughnut and small drink. I got a couple of extra doughnuts, and I'm gonna have them tonight as a treat! I love doughnuts! 

If you're looking for birthday freebies, many places offer them! Usually a coupon is emailed to you. Check out this list:
It's back to work now. Have a Groovy Weekend everybody!

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