Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lunch In The Park

So, I often drive my Mother around. She's 74 and has MS. A couple of years ago she decided to give up driving before a doctor told her she had to. So, I drive her a lot. Today she had a lunch date with a friend over in Riverside. I dropped her off and headed over to Fresh Market where I picked up lunch. The parking lot was a nightmare! If a car wasn't blocking my way to a parking spot, it was trying to run me down in an attempt to get from point A to point B! This area of Riverside, also known as Brooklyn, is getting built up with condos and apartments. Fresh Market is right in the midst of that. But, it's a treat to get something from there, so...

After getting lunch (a chicken salad croissant, a cookie, and cream soda), I headed over to Stinson Park, which is at the foot of the Ortega Bridge. It's also at the other border of Riverside. The day was cloudy, and there was a nice breeze, so eating outside was actually pleasant. It's a nice, calm place with some people fishing and a few kids playing. Not a lot of traffic here. 

I was sitting in front of this beautiful oak tree. After my lunch, I took a turn around the park (it's small) and across the street to walk by Baker Point Park. Lovely views of the river, boats, and even (in the distance) downtown Jacksonville. After that, it was time to go pick Mom back up and head for home.


  1. I'm very surprised you have Canadian geese that far south. You're very lucky to live in an area of so much natural beauty and recreational opportunities. It's sweet that you're good to your Mom.

    1. Yep... they come down here and chase off the ducks! I'm glad I'm able to help both my parents out. Families are supposed to do that.