Monday, August 17, 2015

Klone Records

So, in my last post, I mentioned that not much happened last week. Well, I got a bunch of cds last week, and more today. All from Klone Records  - a hi-nrg label from the UK.

First off, I will start this by saying it's my birthday in just over a week. For the last 10 or 15 years, I've been able to go down to DisneyWorld for the day (and once for a week). It's not quite every year, but it's been most years. I wanted to go down to Orlando again this year, but the cash just wasn't there for me. It's been a slow summer sales wise, tho I'm still keeping fingers crossed that I might find a way down. Anyway, I had looked up the Klone label's discography online, and looking up the cds on both Amazon and eBay, putting what I found on my watch-list. Most of them have been reasonably priced, and everything I've bought has been $10 or less with the shipping costs included. I figured if I couldn't hit Orlando, I'd indulge in some cd buying as a Happy Birthday to me.

I've included a couple of the covers here, but most of the cds are compilations. They run a generic beefcake cover on most of those. If it's an artist, like the Jason Prince Collection, they run the artist photo. It's a fun company, mostly dance cover versions, similar (but not quite the same as) Almighty Records. 

So, here's the rundown on what I've received...

Kloned! 2
Kloned! 3
The Jason Prince Collection
Mad About The Boy 2
Gayfest 2000
Massive Ego v Miss Dusty 'O' - My Heart Goes Bang (cd single)
Extreme Anthems 2
Under The Covers
Klone Ikons 5
NRG Makeovers 1
NRG Makeovers 4
Gayfest 2003
Sex, Swords, & Sandals 2

I've also scored a few Gayfest and Mad About The Boy compilations off iTunes.Quite a score of music to listen to. I think it's time to turn on the mirror ball and start dancin'!

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