Saturday, August 29, 2015

Aldi Opens In Jacksonville!

A new grocery store has come to Jacksonville, on Southside Blvd (next to Target). With locations in St. Augustine and Middleburg, Aldi opens up in Jax. They have just opened, and I checked out the store this morning. I think this was day two of being open...

Aldi is a German-based store chain. It is no-frills, carrying mostly store brand items. There were a few name products in the store, but I didn't see many. The store is small... about a third (or less) of the size of the Publix I'm used to shopping at. There was also a decent crowd of people in that small space... I don't do well with lots of people in small spaces, so I did not linger. 

I did check out several aisles. Aldi does not seem to have the widest selection of products, but there was still a decent amount there. For example, I picked up some frozen french bread pizzas. Most places have at least 4 or 5 varieties, but Aldi only had 2. That said, I picked up three items during my visit, and only paid $8. I would have paid at least $12 elsewhere.

You do have to pay for the bags they supply, and shopping cart rental is a quarter. You get your quarter back when you return the cart.

I liked the store, and will check it out again. It's too far to be a primary store for shopping, but I can see supplementing my regular shopping with the odd trip to Aldi. If there's one near you, it's worth checking out!

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