Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Electric Bunny's Revenge!

That's right. The Electric Bunny is back! In this new drawing, he's not really after revenge. He's just using his electrical powers to cook a carrot for lunch! 

I did something new when I was colouring this piece. Like most of my work, I pencil it, then ink it, often inking with a brush. I scan it in, and colour it digitally. (I colour sketch cards by hand with various markers however.) So, I had started the colouring process, and I decided... why not outline areas in a darker shade of the colour I'm using? I was already using my pad attachment to colour, so... I went for it. I can't remember if this is my first time doing this, or if I've tried this technique before. I'm pleased with the results.

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I'll work on a new drawing of Electric Bunny... and maybe even give him a name! 

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