Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dark Heart In Blue

My latest painting is called "Dark Heart In Blue".  In many ways, I feel that I do have a bit of a "dark heart". I've been hurt, like many people have, and that affects me. It would be easy to just give in the depression and negativity and pain, but I try to hold on to hope. I work at being a better person, even if I do not always succeed. The shades of blue, the stars, and the silver represent better things or hope. 

Here's the painting in progress....

I started off with a 5"x7" canvas board. I had already laid some paint on it, probably going for something different, but decided that this would make a good basis. A little of this layer shows through in the finished piece.

So, I laid down my main blue colour, which was a light blue. I mixed in a darker shade to add some interest.  

After the blue layer had dried, I added the silver. I used some silver paint (which tried it's best to squirt all over me!) and added it, using stippling. The brush I used was not meant for stippling, but I liked the effect.

Once the silver had dried, I painted on the heart. I meant it to be off-center, but I guess my hand had other ideas. Still, it's not perfect, and was not meant to be. After the paint had dried, I used ink markers and paint markers to embellish the piece. Here's the final product...

If you like this painting, and would like to purchase it, it's available at:

I hope you enjoyed this look at how I build a painting. Take care!

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