Monday, July 20, 2015

Art Cards on Etsy!

Years ago, I created a bunch of art cards. They were quick collaged pieces. When I started painting again this past year, I started by working on these old pieces of mine. They needed some help, so I added paint and made new cards. Some were total over-hauls. Some were just enhancements, like the card pictured.

Working on these cards got me started with painting again. I had missed working with paint, and didn't even realize it. I worked on abstract expressionist pieces, which really connected with something deep inside of me. After working on the cards, I moved on to small canvases. The link above is for that particular card, but if you view my Etsy shop, you will see the paintings I have been working on. Or, you can follow this link:

I'm glad I'm painting again, and I'm hoping I can find some space to do some larger pieces. Right now, I'm working on an 8x10 piece, and will share that when it's complete.

Now, it's back to work I go...

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