Monday, June 22, 2015

Walt Disney comes to Florida!

My grandfather, Haydon Burns, was Governor of Florida in the 1960's. He was elected in 1965, and served to 1967. 

With expansion of his empire in mind, Walt Disney set his sites on central Florida. We all know that Walt Disney World Resort in the Orlando area is huge... almost a city unto itself! Haydon Burns helped to bring Disney to Florida. 

Ultimately, you can learn more of the history of Disney by searching. I am posting because my mother and I have started going through old family photos so I could scan them in for preservation. We ran across this photo...

The photo shows Walt (far right), his brother Roy (far left), and my grandparents, Haydon and Mildred Burns (middle). It has been signed by Walt.

I thought this might be an interesting bit to share with all you Disney fans out there! I have fond memories of going to Disney World as a child, and still go at least once a year!

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