Saturday, June 6, 2015

Southside Market

I went to the Southside Market at Brooks YMCA today. It was the grand opening of this new outdoors marketplace. While small, it was nice! They had artists & craftsmen, food, produce, and food trucks. I think I also saw a bouncy house and other play stuff for the kids! There was a musician playing as well.

One of the booths I checked out was FreshJax! I sampled the Chili Lime Cashews, and they were out of this world! I bought some, of course (and snacked on them on the drive home)! They are spicy and flavorful, but not so spicy that your mouth is burning with the first bite! You can check out their web-site for more details on their products. 

I also went into the Black Hog produce truck! It was nice... a little store in a truck! They had a few animals there as well, in a pen outside. I got some nice looking carrots and some Oatmeal Raisin Bread! The bread was delicious! Full of nuts and raisins, with a nice airy texture. Yummy!

Now, even tho there were food trucks there, I didn't get anything. Odd, because I like food trucks. It was only because the choices didn't appeal to me today for lunch. There was a kabob truck and a Mexican/Barbeque fusion truck. Both had interesting looking food, I guess I was just picky today. There was also a cupcake truck, and some organic ice pops. Money was a factor today... it was either buy lunch, or buy a few treats, and I chose to get some treats. I don't think that bread is going to last the day! 

The only thing I didn't care for was... no relief from the sun & heat! Ouch! I felt like I was baking out there. But, the field is a good place to have it. One of the food trucks had a sheltered table to eat at, and there were other sheltered places to eat as well. 

I enjoyed myself, and look forward to attending this market again in the future! Jacksonville locals (or if you're coming to Jax), the market is at the Brooks YMCA on Centurion Parkway. It's not far from J. Turner Butler Blvd & Gate Parkway. Mapquest can get you there! This is worth checking out!

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