Saturday, June 20, 2015

Korey's Potato Salad!

Yes. I'm calling it mine! I rarely develop full-on recipes, but this is one that evolved from several sources, one of them being from watching Granny (Dad's Mother) put together potato salad. There were other influences, but that was a big one on how I make potato salad. And I'm just gonna write about it because I'm not sure if I can make it a nice, concise recipe to follow. Consider it inspiration for YOUR potato salad!

So, with Father's Day coming up, it was decided that I would make potato salad to have with ham for dinner. I'm also making baked beans. However, potato salad is best if it sits in the fridge overnight, so I put it together today and took some photos.

So, I use five pounds of white potatoes, six eggs, a bunch of scallions, small jar of sweet pickle relish, mayo, and mustard. Pretty standard. My first step is to put the eggs on to boil. I have found the best method is to cover them with water, bring the pot to a boil, then turn off the burner and leave them alone for 15 minutes.

While they were doing their thing, it was time to peel and dice potatoes. I put them in a large pot, cover with water, then salt and pepper and put on to cook. Once they start boiling, it usually is only 10 minutes or so until they are tender. Check with a fork. When tender, pour out into a colander and drain / cool. Rinse with cool water to help the cooling process. It's okay if they are a little warm when you go to mix everything together. You just don't want them steaming hot.

While the potatoes are going, your eggs are likely done. Peel them. Don't worry about if they look pretty or not, because they get diced up too. You will want the eggs to be warm when you peel them. I find they peel nicer when they are warm. I dice the egg whites and cumble the yolks into my mixing container (which is also my storage container - one less thing to clean!). 

Now it's time to cut up the scallions. I use the whites and a good portion of the green. I slice each scallion in half length-wise before chopping. In the container they go! Wheee!

Yes, I use a big ol' container! It's five pounds of potatoes! 
At this point, your potatoes have cooled some. They might be a little warm, but that's okay. Dump them into the container. I use the whole jar of pickle relish. It's a small jar, and I just pour it all in... Then, I get out a tablespoon and a teaspoon/small spoon... the kind you have at your dinner table. I start with four or five tablespoons of mayo and four or five teaspoons of mustard. Salt and seasoned pepper to taste! I get a big cooking spoon and give it a stir. I add in more mayo and mustard as needed, usually opting for just a bit more mayo than mustard. Once it's all good and mixed up, give it a taste to make sure you're happy with it. Either adjust as needed, or seal it up and sling it in the fridge!

I know, the container doesn't look to pretty after mixing it, but it sure is handy to mix it in the same vessel you are storing it in. Of course, for special events, I usually transfer it to a nice bowl for serving. For everyday, just get it out of the container. Be sure to go back for seconds!

Now, go make some of this for yourself! And make it your own! Perfect for picnics and barbeques, and potlucks! Share any variations here in the comments. Or ask me questions.


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