Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bokeh 7518

My latest piece of digital art is Bokeh 7518. This was originally the background for another piece. I liked it, and decided to push it further... creating a new piece.

You can find prints, t-shirts, etc... of this piece at http://society6.com/koreywatkins (as well as other art and photography pieces).

Bokeh refers to the aesthetics of an out of focus photo... usually blurred to the point of abstract. It's a cool effect, and I've been playing with it digitally. In working with the original photo, I meant to leave background visible when doing a colour overlay. Ooops! That piece, "Josh 7518/9 Remix" turned out fine.

As I said, I liked the background, and pushed it further. I added layer upon layer and kept going until I got to a piece I felt was strong enough to stand on it's own. I like both pieces, and feel that while similar, they are now individual works. 

I had the pleasure of photographing Josh earlier this year, and have begun to work with some of those images digitally to create pieces that go beyond just being a photograph. This piece of Dalton (Dalton 2707 Remix) was closer to what I was going for with this photo of Josh, but... sometimes a "mistake" leads to something pretty darn cool!

I hope you've enjoyed the digital works I've shared here. Please check out my Society6 page, as well as other sites to the right, for more of my art and photography.

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