Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shrimp Festival 2015

Today I went up to Fernandina Beach for the Isle Of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival. I went with my brother and nephew. This has become an annual tradition for us, and we only miss it if it's raining cats and dogs!

We get an early start, and got there by 10am. The festival is set up along Centre Street, in the Historic Downtown area of Fernandina Beach. There are lots of artist booths set up along Centre Street, with many craftsmen and other items down the side streets. We worked our way down one side of the artists and side streets, looking at what interested us, until we hit the food vendors at the end, just across the train tracks and overlooking the Amelia River. Yum!

Sadly, we were disappointed. The set up of the food court had changed, and there seemed to be fewer vendors. We selected one, and got our meals. I got a "seafood dinner" which was shrimp and fish. It was... meh! I could have bought the ingredients at the frozen food section of Publix and done a better job. But, it was edible and paid for, so we ate. Hey, we had shrimp, so all is good!

We then worked our way back the other side and hit the other side streets. We ended up picking up some t-shirts and headed home. We had a good time. This is what we like to do - look at the vendors (art, crafts, etc...) and eat food. However, there are other activities, including live music, that can be enjoyed.

I took some photos, and you can see that the festival was crowded. If you're in this neck of the woods, it's worth checking out! Even if our food was so-so this year, I saw food from other vendors that looked amazing, and we have had amazing food in the past.

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