Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Green

I recently created a new digital piece, called "The Green". This started out as a painting. Truth be told, it was an underpainting. I was working on a painting, and had only done two layers of it. So I scanned it in to see what I could make of it. I opened it up in Photoshop, and made magic! :) I have posted both the painting, and the altered version.

I call this painting "The Green" because it reminds me healing and calm energies. I really wanted to do something in green, since I often play with colours like purple, blue, red, etc...

Of course, the painting is available on t-shirts and such at, and I will likely have some prints of it available at my deviantArt page (Fair warning, my dA page is not always safe for work!)

It felt good to created this piece. I've been feeling a little frustrated creatively lately. One model I had been working with is moving. I had hoped to get another shoot in with him, but it didn't happen. Another new model I want to work with lives just far away enough that it's a big deal to go (making sure I have gas money, etc...) I do have a few photography ideas in mind that do not require having a model, so I will likely be going and doing those soon... one is planned this weekend. In the meantime, I have several small paintings in the works, and have done the pencil work on some sketch cards. Now it's time to get back to being creative and seeing what the day brings...

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