Sunday, January 18, 2015

Landscape In Purple & Orange 3258

Today is just one of those days. Last night we had a scare with Mom. Her blood pressure was up very high (200/90, which ain't good). I had suggested that she go to the emergency room about 9:30pm, and at 12:30am, Dad ended up driving her. There is a family history of stroke, so better to play it safe. They got back home at 5:45am. Turned out that her high blood pressure was caused by a headache. That's a relief. I'm glad they went, and found out that it wasn't anything more serious.

Anyway, I didn't sleep. So I'm just chilling out today, and decided to play a little with some photographs. I took this photo at the Julington-Durbin Preserve. I played around with some filters, and turned out something that I thought was pleasing.

I've made this available on a t-shirt, and plan to add other products. Right now, it's only on Print All Over Me - 

Now, I'm gonna continue with my day of taking it easy...

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