Sunday, September 21, 2014

St. Augustine Alligator Farm

My sister-in-law Donna, and niece Haydon, are in town for a visit, so we decided that going down to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm on Sunday morning would be fun! It was! We were joined by Dad, my brother Wade and nephew Nathan.

We got there shortly after opening, and got to see a variety of alligators and crocodiles. Lots of birds (the toucans and vultures are my favourites. My niece and nephew fed the ducks and other waterfowl from the feed provided), primates, and other reptiles - including snakes (yuck!). The farm is well laid out and you don't feel like you're walking too much. We saw two demonstrations... the first had local Florida animals: a box turtle, a bunny, and an armadillo. The demonstration was short, but inform
ative. The second was an hour later, at one of the gator pits. The young lady giving the demonstration walked right into the pit. The gators were not disturbed. She looked like she would barely be a snack for them. She said that they were used to humans and that made it easier to work with them. It also makes them more dangerous since they have no fear of humans and associate them with food. We learned a few of the gators names. We were told that they were all taught to respond to their names, and that it made it easier to study and work with them. She gave a good talk and we learned some things about the alligators, including the dispelling of a myth or two.

We were there for just over two hours, and had a great time. If you're in, or near, St. Augustine, go check out the Alligator Farm. They have plenty of shows to see.

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