Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Pitfalls of eBid over eBay...

Recently, a buyer complained that there were no thumbnails for my auctions on eBid.  He's correct. There aren't. You have to look at each auction individually, which is a pain. Why is that? eBid saves the thumbnails for their store subscribers.

So, why don't I subscribe to a store on eBid? Well... I just came back to them after a year of not listing there. I had all kind of problems with eBid, and I had gotten a store subscription. Seems they didn't like one of my auctions, quoted "policy violations" and shut down ALL of my auctions. With several hundred auction listings, that's a lot of work down the drain. Anytime they took exception to an auction, they shut down everything. So, it's "beefcake" or male erotica photos. The auctions they took exception to? Not anything worse than you can see on any newstand anywhere - without even unwrapping a magazine either. So, because of this, I will not use their store function.

eBid is a weird creature for me. I don't get enough sales there to really make it worth it, but I like having an alternative to eBay. Let's face it tho, eBay has the market cornered. I also get the feeling that eBid's main market is in Europe, not America. This summer has been an experiment to see if I should return to eBid regularly.

If you go to eBid to check out my auctions, which I recommend as I have photos On Sale there right now!, try right-clicking and opening auctions in a new tab. Check a few models before looking thru all of one model's photos. I apologize for the frustration and I hope that you will stick with it and find a few photos you want.

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