Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Auction News... and buyer disputes

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I woke up this morning to find that a buyer from Germany has disputed a rather large order via eBay/PayPal. The order was mailed out on the 28th of July. It can take up to six weeks for international orders to arrive. He has bought from me before, so he knows he's going to get his product. I have contacted the buyer directly, so hopefully we'll work it out.

So, first of all... I know my auctions say no refunds / returns... but if you contact me, I'm happy to work with you. It says that because I have had a few people try to use it to their advantage. Most buyers who have had problems and have contacted me have gotten them resolved. I've recreated orders. I've issued credit. I have given refunds. Unfortunately, the US Post Office is not always reliable - I have had domestic orders show up six to eight weeks after they were mailed out First Class. It's frustrating.

Because of this, I have decided that I will stop selling internationally. It isn't worth it. I have to charge a LOT in postage - $11 - and that usually doesn't even cover the postage costs. And then to have a buyer dispute the problem without contacting me, and before enough time has passed, really is frustrating. I now cannot use my PayPal account because any funds that go into it go towards the hold on the order. I live hand to mouth, so when money comes in, it goes back out.

Again, I want to stress: If you order from me off eBay and have a problem, please get in touch with me first before using their dispute process. I am happy to work with you to resolve the issues. Please be willing to work with me as well - if a refund is required, it may take a couple of weeks, or a couple of payments. As I said above, money goes out as soon as it comes in.The real depressing thing about this dispute is: I'm working on spending money on my business - mainly on models.

Changes are coming after this round of auctions. As I said, no more international sales. The postage & handling fee will return - $1.50 per order. It doesn't pay the entire costs, but it helps. Even tho the sale on eBid  has tanked - discounted photos and only one sold! - I may try to sell more there. There are fewer fees than with eBay. I am open to other alternate auction sites if you guys know of any! I also plan to give my auctions a bit of a make-over.

Don't forget you can find my digital content, the Sans Shirt series, on Amazon. Again, can't offer it on eBay because of scammers. 

I am very frustrated and feeling very beaten down this morning, so I'm sorry if this is a negative posting. I am hoping for solutions. I will continue to list photos on eBay today and pray a solution jumps out at me.

I do want you to know that I appreciate all my buyers - especially the regulars! It makes me happy that you appreciate my work and I hope that you will continue to support what I do. Thank You!


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