Friday, June 27, 2014

new sketch cards - Astron and Phantom Lady

Been working on finishing up some sketch cards. Here are two of the latest...

Astron! Astron is a hero from AC Comics, dating back to their days as Paragon Publications. He is an interdimensional space cop, and I have always liked his costume. Sadly, AC Comics hasn't done enough of him. FemForce is their flagship title, and that's where most of their creative energy goes. Love FemForce, but I do want to see some of their other characters, like Astron, get some love from time to time!

Next up is Phantom Lady. My first exposure to her was in the 1970's Freedom Fighters comic. She first appeared in the 1941 in Police Comics #1 from Quality Comics. She was later sold off to Fox Features, who published the version in the blue & red costume. DC Comics bought out most of the Quality features, and publishes the yellow & green costumed PL.

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