Monday, November 4, 2013


As promised earlier, here's the low-down on my trip to Montreal! I found out that I had won this trip toward the end of July. I was excited to be the winner, and quickly got my passport so I could go. Part of the trip was getting to be an extra in a LogoTV web-series that will come out next year. (Yes, I'll post that info when it comes available.) It was only a 2-night trip, and it was exhausting (we did a lot of walking), but it was amazing!

Montreal - Day 1 - we arrived in Montreal around noon. We took the bus in from the airport and walked a couple of blocks to the hotel. It was overcast, and a little cool, but pleasant. Got checked in, and went in search of food. Having only really seen a McDonald's close to the hotel, we headed there. We discovered the train station, with a lot of food choices... and did a good bit of our eating there. After food, we headed towards Chinatown. On the way there, we discovered that the Montreal Comicon was being held. We walked thru Chinatown, and came back to the Comicon. James had never been to a comic convention before, and wanted to go, so we went. We got to meet Felicia Day, who was very nice. James got his photo taken with her. I got pix of people in costumes. I also got to meet Dan Parent from Archie Comics! Yay! Picked up a t-shirt, and a comic from a Montreal artist. Also got the con-exclusive Archie comic. After that, we got dinner, and back to the hotel to collapse. For me, the day began at 3am, and James had been up since the day before.

Montreal day 2 - we got breakfast at a crepe place I spotted the day before. YUMMY crepes! Mine was bananas and chocolate. James had bananas and strawberries! Fueled up, we headed towards Rue Saint-Paul for some shopping. It's was a beautiful walk, and the street is closed off to cars at a certain point. Lots of tourist-y shops. I got some postcards and stuff for friends, but could not find a shirt in my size for me. Still, I enjoyed walking along the street. We then cut over and walked down Rue Saint-Antoine, heading back to the hotel. Part of the trip was a walk-on for a web-series by Logo TV. We wanted to rest up a bit before that. At 3, Erin, the rep from Logo, picked us up and took us to the shoot. It was a dinner scene, and we got used twice in it... sitting together at one table, and then across the room (in different shirts) for a different view of the main action. Fun! After that, we got food at the Deli Planet. We both had the Lex Luther sandwich, which was a lot of food! (Big sammie with lots of fries and slaw!) Got some donuts at a coffee shop chain for snacks later and headed back to the hotel. With all the walking, we were tired. We got to watch an episode of Castle in French before passing out for the night.

Montreal day 3 - after checking out, we headed over to Rue Sainte-Catherine. More shopping, but not too much. Lunch was sushi for James and Korean barbeque for me at a food court at a mall we found. (Not a big mall... just in an office building, but several stories worth of stores.) After that, we got the bus back to the airport. Going thru customs was easy-peasy. It was just an electronic kiosk. We left Montreal around 2, and were back home around 7pm. A short trip, but it was a lot of fun! I'm glad to have this experience, and that I got to share it with James.

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