Monday, November 4, 2013

i cannot breathe...

I write poetry from time to time... This is the latest one, called "i cannot breathe"

i cannot breathe....

i am denied air, food, water
i am denied something that is vital to me

before you came into my life, before i loved you
i didn't understand. i didn't know it was missing
now, there is a gaping void

the world spins and continues on
the rain falls from the sky
i choke on fresh air as i walk.. i stumble...

i fall

i cannot fall...

others rely on me
my shoulders must be steel
without the support i need
to be denied the ability to offer that support in return
i fall, i cannot breathe

i get up

i always get up
hide in my cave
buy the groceries
scream silently into the night
hope it gets better

i cannot breathe...

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